Siemens Efficiency

On the first of March 2013 we signed a contract with Siemens Electric. What did we do for the Technology and Innovations business? We optimized their workflow of course and solved many productivity and administrative problems they were facing within customer services. Siemens needed workflow to run seamlessly through hundreds of phases of field services, retrofits, repairs and spares departments. They needed a system that could stand up to their admin and take control of it. Tracer provided that system. INControl allows Siemens Customer Service to keep track of all their active jobs, with updates on the amount of jobs as well as how many are falling behind on their strict completion deadlines. Clients and Sales people are also notified as soon as their job reaches the next step in the process.

Siemens Electric Management Comments:

“Tracer Mobile Workforce has eliminated paper trails and miscommunications. Customer expectations are exceeded every time. We are highly satisfied with the speed and quality of the workflow process. Stock control and parts ordering are easily managed and the system seamlessly integrates with SAP.

The implementation of Tracer has meant dramatic improvements for us. Service technicians can now be tasked live and signed documents can be back in the office instantly. SLA are finally adhered to and the efficiencies can easily be managed.

The monthly savings per technician is on average 200km, 5h, R1 500 (printing costs), 300 min (telephone time) and 80h (internal admin). This means staff have much more time and energy to do what they are meant to, satisfy customer needs. A recent survey shows a customer satisfaction growth of 19%.

We needed a solution that would work across multiple remote devices in Africa. The solution had to be live and able to work across different levels and departments. Of vital importance for us was the system’s ability to replace the paper trail and handle remote distribution of service reports and electronic sign off with customer copies.

Tracer was that solution!”.

Lukas Visage: Head of Siemens Service Centre