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10th July 2019
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Tracer Cloud Solutions Security Checklist!

The internet is never wrong.

The internet can never be trusted.

The world is a dangerous place.

Men are at their most dangerous when you cannot see their faces.

On the internet everyone is anonymous.

These statements are all true and not true.

Feel uneasy? 

That’s good.

The only way to be safe is to be aware of the risk.  The only way to feel safe is to know that every risk is being assessed and taken care of. 

There is no need to worry when you have Tracer Cloud Solutions at your back.  With an army of policies and battle-hardened Developers/Generals, there is no way anyone is getting through our defences!

Our four main defensive towers are situated at each corner of the fortress, fulfilling their own unique purpose to hold the evil at bay.

The Southern tower is the Incident Response Policy, which deals with problems head-on when and if they arise.

Standing tall in the East is our Network Security Policy, reaching far beyond the clouds to survey the whole world below.

To the West is the proud shadow of the Protection of Personal Information Policy and beneath it the population of our data lives privately and securely. 

Finally, the grandest of our defences is in the North, the Tower of Tracer’s Security Strategy.  In this tower is the great map room to which our scouts report back from their frequent checks both inside our kingdom and far beyond our reach.  The key to any successful strategy is being well-informed about all the latest enemy weaponry. 

Only once we know our army is ready and all the risks have been kept at bay can we sleep soundly with the knowledge that your data is safe.   

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