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29th May 2019
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Corporate Robotics?!?  What is Robotic Process Automation really?

Robotics is the looming threat that a shiny new machine will come in and take your job and for a long time, labourers and blue-collar workers were the ones seemingly most at risk for imminent unemployment. 

Well, it’s time to add more victims to this insane conspiracy theory (see AI Apocalypse).  Robotics has entered the corporate world with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) gaining ground.

What is RPA and how does it work?

Actually, Tracer Cloud Solutions has many systems and features that could be considered RPA as it is any digital automation that increases productivity by decreasing human workload.  The system does things automatically that people would have done previously.  It is allowing people to work easier, smarter and more efficiently. 

This does not mean that a robot is going to take your job.  It means that some lines of code will make your life a whole lot easier.  The idea behind RPA is almost like having a digital assistant to do all the tedious little tasks for you. 

That is why our Freemium service is called Digital Clerk.  It converts digital forms into excel reports, stores and categorises all the information and helps you find whatever you are looking for from the archives. 

Why not brand Tracer as an RPA provider?

While it is true that we can provide all the same benefits of RPA, we do not want to limit ourselves.  Process automation is so ingrained in our assumptions of efficiency that it has become an afterthought.  Of course, everything that can be automated will be, but we want to focus on more than that. 

Our flagship product is more than a Digital Clerk, it is INControl, an operational management tool that gives businesses control over accounts, assets, people, processes, teams, workflows, jobs, clients, timelines, data, etc.  We cannot sell ourselves short by labelling all this potential merely an RPA solution. 

If you are interested in an RPA, however, we would be happy to provide you with one and so much more. 

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