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22nd May 2019
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Tracer Cloud Solutions: The Supporting Cast

Clearly, at Tracer, INControl is the star of the show, but every once in a while the supporting cast is given a moment to shine.  This is that moment!

Please meet the cast members, some of whom share the stage with our star and are used in conjunction with INControl, others are like the diabolical villains of the show and stand entirely on their own.

The Portal:

Playing the role of the best friend to INControl is The Portal.  Anything but shy, The Portal is a great communication tool between INControl and clients.  The Portal is a window into INControl, allowing clients to log in, view only their current jobs, fill out a form or two and generally feel part of the process.  Where The Portal has been implemented, clients have praised businesses for transparency and excellent customer service. 

INControl, however, does not wear its heart on its sleeve and keeps some secrets from The Portal and the clients.  The Portal does not give clients unhindered access to your system, but only a view of what INControl allows them to see. 

Custom Development:

The casting of this shape-shifting daemon was tricky at best.  Sometimes Custom Development can work alongside INControl, sometimes the Custom System completely overruns and outperforms our hero in a field INControl was just never meant to compete in.  Custom Development means something different for every user.  It’s a whole new system, built to specific needs and requirements.  Show us your castle in the clouds and Custom Development is sure to make it happen.

Digital Clerk:

The smallest member of the cast is Digital Clerk.  This snotnosed kid is free for the first couple of months but honestly cannot compare to the powerhouse of his older brother, INControl.  With access only to one sheet and a handful of features, Digital Clerk may be able to give you a helping hand, but he has a lot to learn before he is ready to save anyone from the terror that is a paper-based workflow. 

Digital Clerk, however, is a good place to start if you are unsure about implementing a cloud solution for a smaller business. 

Together this cast and the capable crew behind the production make up Tracer Cloud Solutions.  Contact us to learn more!

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