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About INControl: Frequently Asked Questions?!?

Tracer Cloud Solutions is focussed on delivering software solutions that are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. Whether it is a completely new Custom Development or simply a bespoke subscription to the highly configurable INControl, Tracer aims to deliver exactly what you need.

Custom Development is straight forward, you get a brand-new product. That INControl one, however, that seems a bit confusing. That is exactly why this blog was written, to answer some of the frequently asked questions about INControl.

Bespoke? Configurable? What does it all mean?

I could provide you with dictionary definitions, but in short, it means that Tracer does not build or customise a system for you. We simply change the settings.
This means that you save time and money. We don’t need a development team and a couple of months to get you all set up. That is the beauty of configuration and a bespoke solution. The benefit to you is meeting that deadline at a fraction of the cost.

Is it sustainable?

Yes, but you want to know more. INControl is a mature system. That does not mean it is old, on the contrary, we keep up to date on the newest technology and add additional features to the system all the time. It simply means INControl is over all the growing pains of a new system and does not experience any of the bugs and issues a brand-new product is likely to have.
We also have a team of developers to maintain and support the system as well as its servers. INControl may be all grown up, but it is far from growing old.

Can we integrate with other systems?

Yes, and we often do. INControl was designed to be an Operational Management System and has integrated with the likes of SAP in order to fit seamlessly into a client’s workflow. We tailor the system to your needs, remember? If you need integration, we are happy to comply.

Contact us now if you have any other questions!

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