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7th May 2019
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22nd May 2019
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Key Performance Indicators: Growth

Change is the only constant in business, but how does one ensure that this change is for the better?  By growing, of course, and always moving forward.  The growth ensures that you make new mistakes each time, improving on what you had before and remembering what you learned. 

The prospect of monumental growth can be intimidating.  You are going to be taking on challenges you never could have before, leading bigger teams and facing more impressive clientele. 

The alternative to growth is decay.

How does one grow well?

Hire the right people:

A business thrives or dies on the backs of its staff.  Hire people who will help you prosper and treat them well so that their passion is put to good use.  A demoralized team may as well be unqualified for the quality of work they are sure to deliver.


Make room:

Growth requires two things: nourishment and opportunity.  It can be an operational nightmare to grow into a space too small for your new aspirations.  Get the right systems in place.  What you need are flexible systems that can grow with you without drastically rethinking the process every time.  INControl can handle everything from a single sales-unit to a national Call Center, all on one platform.  Consider contacting Tracer to learn more about how we can grow with you.

Take a breath, then keep going:

It is not a myth that one can grow too fast.  Once you have experienced a lot of growth, take a second to ensure that the quality is still there.  Linger too long, however, and you might stagnate.  A quiet moment, just a moment, is enough to get you back to business.

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