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30th April 2019
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15th May 2019
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When one sets goals, there are a couple of important aspects to take into consideration.  One of these is measurability.  How do you know you have won, achieved your goals or even by how much you have improved?

If you cannot answer these questions, there is not much point is setting goals either.  KPI’s are the productivity and profitability goals of any business and Reporting allows these goals to be measurable. 

These are some examples of the types of reporting Tracer can help you achieve and the types of data you can measure are limitless! 


A Sales team is seen from every perspective and helpful maps allow you to see which areas to focus on and which goals are being achieved.

Can you easily see which KPI’s are doing well and which are poorly? Then it is a good report to measure expectations and achievements with.


Even better than pictures are precise percentages that you need your team to achieve.

Close 60% of quieries on the first call.

50% of leads should become deals.

No more than 5% of spare parts may be discarded as faulty.

These are numbers with meaning behind them. These are the KPI’s that make or break your productivity, your profit. If you don’t know what these numbers are your business may be steering into the sky or off a cliff into the abyss. You are blind to both.

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