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Virtual Offices: Are Remote Workers lonely?

Cheeky Employee

Virtual companies and Remote Workers have become a bit of a trend in the corporate world, with the benefits being clear from the start:

Fewer costs for office space, no commute, flexible hours and above all the sweet sweet notion of sitting at your desk in your best bunny-rabbit slippers while on a Skype call with the boss.

But more and more articles have been popping up about the possible drawbacks.  Are Remote Workers less productive?  Statistically no, but not everyone is cut out for keeping themselves in check and up to date.  Are they out of control?  Perhaps you should check the rest of this website for some ways to make your admin digital and keep track of your remote staff.

Are they isolated?  Even Lonely?

Now that is something else entirely and has been a recent complaint that keeps rearing its head without receiving much of a response.

So, this is my, a Cheeky remote Employee, reply to that question.

An office can be a great place to meet new people and make some connections, but it is not the only place and it should not be your only source of socialisation either.  Work-friends are something born from necessity.  You see them every day so it’s best to play nice.  Ask them how they’ve been etc.

Most people do not rely on work for all their social needs, however, and head out on weekends to enjoy the company of friends and family.

Remote workers approach this a bit differently and instead of spending every night watching Netflix, exhausted from making small talk, we seek out friends and family during the week as well.  We have been hard at work and all alone all day, you see, and so remote workers are more likely to socialise during weeknights as well, getting their fix that way. 

My advice for lonely remote workers who feel isolated is this: Work hard. Play hard.  Use those flexible hours to your advantage and work tirelessly without distraction.  Then use the rest of your time with the people you love most, those people who care when they ask ‘How are you doing?”

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  1. AdminJunky says:

    You got it. I like to work this way. Me time and Company time well balanced.

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