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3rd April 2019
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30th April 2019
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Key Performance Indicators: Accountability

Responsibility means nothing without accountability, but what does accountability mean?  To put it crudely, the one with accountability for a task or project is the one whose head will roll if it fails.

Accountability means forcing employees to take responsibility for their mistakes as well as their successes.  If you never hold anyone accountable, your business will burn to the ground while all the staff start to argue over who was responsible for fire safety.  John and Janet both saw the flame starting, but they had other things to do.  Jacky saw the smoke but thought nothing of it.  Chris had been at the station before the fire, but he is sure he took a smoke break just then. 

The manager?  Well it was his day off. 

I’m sure this situation seems all too familiar and the core problem is the lack of accountability, which allows staff to blame other factors than their own mistakes. 

You need to know who did what.  Who answered the call with this client, who signed off on this and who is responsible?

You could hire someone to micromanage every part of your workforce, or you could just get simple paperless software that keeps an automatic history of all parties involved in a process. 

“I never even saw that job card, it must have been someone else.”  A digital footprint makes assertions such as this a thing of the past. 

Don’t micromanage, take control.  Tracer’s INControl could be the solution you have been looking for. 

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