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27th March 2019
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10th April 2019
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Key Performance Indicators: Productivity

KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are the little numbers that tell you how the business is doing.  These can measure anything from revenue and profit to personal accountability and company culture.  Key Performance Indicators usually consist of a lot of data synthesized into one droplet of information, usually in the format of a percentage.  A small change in that number may be the cause of great celebration or the loss of many jobs. 

So, let’s have a look at how Tracer Cloud Solutions can help influence and measure those tiny KPI’s that hold the key to a business’s success.

The first KPI is Productivity.  This usually refers to the amount of output achieved by the amount of input for a given resource.  But, if we are thinking of people we have to look at it a bit differently. 

Let us rather measure Productivity by the amount of work completed after a given amount of time.  If people’s work is tiring, frustrating or repetitive, they may, for example, complete less work in a day than if it were all simplified.


That’s were Tracer Cloud Solutions comes in.  We boost people’s productivity by making their jobs just that much more manageable.

  • No more filling in the same form twice
  • No more deciphering bad handwriting
  • No more Broken excel sheets
  • No more lost papers
  • No more bad communication and uncertainty
  • No more messy desks that allow jobs to slip through the cracks
  • No more taking days just to reorganize

These are just a few examples of how old technology and its frustrations can slow down productivity and kill that very important KPI.

You don’t fax or post letters anymore, so why would you allow your business to stay in the past?

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