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13th March 2019
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Working off the grid: Why you need an offline solution

Between the hills, among the trees, behind the second dune and beyond the reach of civilization, that’s where your business gets to work.  And you watch helplessly as others find the benefits of Cloud Solutions and use the space age technology of phone calls and emails.  But down in the mines or in the middle of nowhere, well you barely have access to the clouds above, never mind ‘The Cloud’.

If this sounds accurate to your frustrations, piled on top of the ordinary stresses of running a business, let me introduce you to something new:

Tracer Cloud Solutions has a new offline cloud-based option.  Now that might sound like a contradiction, but we recently updated our Android apps to make it work. 

Technicians can be tasked, acknowledge that task, create a job, fill in sheets, attach photos, set GPS locations and more, all offline!  As soon as they get in range of one of those handy signal towers or Wi-Fi, all the data gets transferred and you can have a complete, comprehensive history back at the office. 

We have built all the benefits of The Cloud into an app that adapts to offline circumstances.

With a number of teams from different companies already running their middle-of-nowhere teams on Tracer’s INControl app, why don’t you take this chance to get ahead of the competition?

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