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27th February 2019
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13th March 2019
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It’s that time of the year again, like Corporate Thanks Giving, it’s time we look back at what we have and are grateful for it.  The highlight of every financial year is our people and that is who we would like to give thanks to in this blog in honour of the best employees we are proud to call our own.

Now, without further ado and in no particular order, the employees we would like to give our appreciation to:


She is our executive assistant and arguably the most underrated of all.  Without her knack for organization, we would all fall apart.  Her work keeps all of our nuts and bolts in order so that the machine that is Tracer may keep running.  Appointments, documents, invoices and more, Rentia keeps track of it all and her friendly demeanour and considerate approach mean that she is a pleasure to work with for both colleagues and clients.


The head architect of INControl and in-house master mind is Jeann.  He has unbelievable insight, seeing solutions before we have had the mind to come up with the problems and building it into the highly adaptable system almost effortlessly. 


This man is an absolute pleasure to work with, always going the extra mile for us and our clients.  Where others see a task list, Hennie sees only a challenge and he defeats it, like the boss in a video game, with speed and enthusiasm.  Beyond that, he has enjoyed great success with delivering his fourth custom development to overjoyed clients. 


This shiny new addition to our ranks has already had a massively positive influence in our business.  Being a Copywriter, she is responsible for our marketing, blogs and customer communication.  She is also a Business Analyst, assessing needs, solving problems, giving support and eliminating client frustrations and redundancies where they arise. 


Our own Little Miss Sunshine is Mariesa.  She is a joy to be with and brings a ray of light to every room she enters.  Easy to trust, and impossible not to love, she quickly builds good relationships with both colleagues and clients.


She is our Data-capturer and no one can do it better, with the flawless precision of a machine she transfers data from one format into another when the need arises.  We have yet to catch her making a mistake. 

Lourens and I have the utmost appreciation for all of these outstanding men and women.

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