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Benefits of Mobile Workflow Management

Today most people are never without a smartphone near, it has become so common that toddlers may learn to operate one before they are properly potty trained.  When tablets are also added to the mix; it’s clear that the world has gone completely mobile.  It’s time for companies to tap into this trend and embrace the benefits of the modern work.

All corporations are concerned with compliance and have a vested interest in ensuring that their data doesn’t leave them open to liabilities.  With compliance and data security in mind, consider this short scenario and decide for yourself whether Tracer’s Mobile Workflow is the solution for you and your company:

John, employee at ABC Energy, tests water near drilling operations to ensure that the company upholds its commitment to environmental safety.  He tests each site, records the results on a clipboard using a paper and pen, and later enters the results into a spreadsheet once he gets back at the office.  What happens if somehow between the work site and the office the day’s water collection data is lost?  This is clearly not an ideal situation for ABC Energy and there must be a way to solve this all too common problem.

Mobility to the rescue!

 With access to Tracer’s Mobile Workflow (a mobile workflow management solution), John can simply enter the data collected on-site on his mobile device, using a specific and custom-created form.  He can also take pictures of testing strips and equipment, tag his location and sign his name to show that he has ensured that all environmental standards were met.  When the data is entered, Sally, who sits in the corporate compliance office, is notified, so she can log results for the region before sending her work off to the next person involved in the process.  This process is fast, simple and effective and puts John, Sally and their company a few steps ahead of the competition by never dropping a detail or losing any data.  

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