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The benefits of Dark Mode and why software is opting for a little black dress:

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The days of white screens, backgrounds and app defaults are coming to an end with a new trend that is better for your health and honestly just looks a lot cooler.  It’s Dark Mode! 

You should see this option, sometimes called Night Mode popping up in the settings of more and more brands, including Youtube, Skype, Twitter, Andriod, Google, Apple and it is even now available in our very own INControl.

But why are people choosing it?  Does a darker look just make things seem stylish, modern or elegant or are there any real benefits to the change?

Software is all about efficiency so, of course, there are more benefits than the aesthetic for going dark:


Improved Text visibility

Better Contrast

Reduces occurrences of Flicker bugs

Safer for long-term use

Less likely to trigger photophobia

Saves a small amount of electricity

Health Benefits:

As mentioned above, one on the main benefits of switching to dark mode is reducing the danger of staring at a white screen all day and night.  More and more research is being conducted into the harmful long-term effects of screen time on our eyes.  But, we honestly can’t do without our technology anymore.  So Dark Mode is an easy solution to this problem, minimizing the effects of bright light shining into your eyes all day. 


Okay, so looks might not be the most important aspect, but it does look good.  Here are a few comparisons to prove it!  Dark is just kinda sexy!

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