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24th January 2019
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31st January 2019
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Life is a Balancing act.  Are you working too hard?

Cheeky Employee

Balancing your wants and needs onto the ever-shrinking beam that is your budget is hard enough, but are you managing to make time to the important things in life?  You need to do more than keep your head above water sometimes.  Every now and then you deserve to be happy.  And happiness just so happens to be cocaine to productivity. (They say 😉

It’s almost February and I’m going to take a wild guess and say that most of your New Year’s Resolutions are still lagging around the bottom of your to-do-list.  This is a problem.  Assuming you have set good goals for 2019, tilting the scales against your own life-goals is never ideal.  Prioritise, pick just one thing off that long list of wants and go for it. 

Work can wait.  Believe me, it’ll still be there tomorrow.  If you have 300 deadlines for Friday have a chat with your colleagues and figure out a more reasonable schedule to stop you all from burning out before April.

Balancing life

Do you have friends?  No, the people from work don’t count.  Get your butt out there!  Widen your horizons and escape the social cubical!  Who did you kind of like from school who just moved in nearby?  You are not balancing your work and social lives if your boss is also your drinking buddy. 

What is your passion?  When was the last time you spent some time on that?  If you are spending weekends in front of the tv and weeknights unwinding, well you’re stuck in a rut, aren’t you?  Join a club, a team, a charity, a church, anything to motivate you to step into the sunlight on your time off.  Follow the smiles, follow your passions and don’t look back till Monday.

The work/life balancing act is a difficult one to traverse, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.  And there is a big difference between being alive and really living.  Besides, having a life makes for better small talk anyway.

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