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No Talent, Experience or Education? No Problem!


Cheeky Employee


Getting a job in the current economic climate is much more difficult said than done and it’s even worse when you know you have very little going for you.  Any talent, experience or further education beyond matric can make a big difference in a CV.  Perhaps you have the ambition, but not the funds to explore a better future right now.

What can you do about this very real problem?

The following are a couple of jobs to get you on your feet that require no specific talent, experience or level of education:


Retail and Restaurants:

It may not be your dream job, it may even be work most scoff at, but retail and restaurant jobs are always out there.

Think of your city or town.  Now, look at every shop as a potential employment opportunity.  Whether you use the money as a stepping-stone to fund the requirements of your new career or you simply attend to climb the ranks to district manager and beyond, dealing with fussy customers is the first step.

Learning how to deal with people is a vital skill in any profession so a job working directly with the public is not the worst way to start.

problem retail

Babysitter or Au Pair:

They say parenthood is one of the most fulfilling experiences this world has to offer, perhaps feigned parenthood can earn its place among your most valued memories.

This job is often associated with young women in particular, but anyone with a caring nature and a lot of patience can sign up to take care of another family’s little ones.

The potential for growth in the industry directly may be limited, but with the leanest hours, you may have the opportunity to do a couple of courses in your free time in preparation for the future.



If your strength is your greatest asset and you have no problem with hard labour this is one of the easiest jobs to get into.  The upper-body strength required makes this a more male-oriented occupation, but if you feel up to the challenge, let nothing stand in your way.

Trains, planes, factories, ships, trucks.  What do all these things have in common?  They need stuff, heavy things, hauled into and out of them almost daily.  That’s where you come in.

The ability to climb from hauler up to manager in this career depends on company policy, but it’s a start.


That is all these jobs are meant to be, a step in the right direction.  Few dream of being a babysitter or waiter all their lives, but damnit we can’t all start as the CEO of some big corporate company.  Baby steps.  The first step towards personal financial success is solving the problem of unemployment.  Baby steps will get you there.

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