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29th November 2018
Top 5 Blogs of 2018:
17th January 2019
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Top 5 Blogs of 2018:

Cheeky Employee


2018 has been a hell of a year and we look forward to having an even better 2019, but not before looking back and appreciating what has been.  So, I have taken the liberty of listing our top 5 blogs of 2018.  Just in case you missed something special.  These will be ranked according to views and my own assessment of their quality and value.

Feel free to click on the links provided below and let me know if you agree on my selection of blogs.


5- Career advice:  Not quite there yet…

career advice

First steps, big moves, small moves, it’s all terrifying when your career seems on the line.  Take my advice:

“A career path is not a linear thing.  You are going to be moved and jostled and shifted and turned around a couple of times before you get to where you’ll ultimately end up.”


4- Persuasion: The psychology of the sale & Part 2


Ever walked out of a store almost regretting your purchase?  But you were just so darn sure at the time that it was a good idea that you could not say no?  This one’s for you!

“Calling all Sellers!

Use these tricks to get that deal!

Calling all Buyers!

Be prepared to dodge these tricks!”


3-Steer Clear of these employers if you want a successful career:


Do you want your career to start off right?  Do you want to be treated right?  This is one of the blogs you should take a look at about dangerous bosses you would do best to avoid.

“Perhaps other employers wrongly assume that every employee of the corrupt company is corrupt and they refuse to employ you.  Maybe there is a long list of qualified applicants and you just happen to be the one with a bad reference in your past.”


2-First Impressions! & Episode 2

First ImpressionsThis knowledge is vital for anyone who ever plans on meeting new people ever again… So, that’s you too!

“Carry yourself with confidence and let your body language be open and friendly.  BUT.  This advice has been given a thousand times and people are accustomed to the mask, they expect lies of how amazing you are and that your only mistakes are being too hardworking and all that BS.”


1-The AI Apocalypse!

AI Apocolapse

This is by far the blog post with the most views, perhaps because it taps into people’s fear of the unknown.

“We, arguably, find ourselves at the brink of a new evolution, one in which even our intelligence can be matched by the creations of our innovation.  It’s terrifying and yet I believe that we’ll be all right.  We must simply be capable of doing that which AI cannot.”


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