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15th November 2018
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A couple of things you should know about your first job:

Cheeky Employee


2019 is a brand new year and a lot of new Cheeky Employees are going to be hitting the workforce.  So welcome to you new worker bees into the hive that is executive employment.  Here are a couple of things you ought to know:


We have weird lingo:

Gone are the days of lol, lmao, tmi and yolo.  There is a whole new world of jargon to pick up on at your first job.  I have listed a couple below:

Low hanging fruit:

This is what people say when they are getting the easiest work out of the way first before tackling those big-ticket items.

Blue sky thinking:

Just a fancy, grown-up way of saying ‘thinking outside the box’.

Square the circle:

Sounds impossible?  That’s because it is.  Squaring the circle refers to doing the impossible.


This isn’t nature.  This is a job and an ecosystem has nothing to do with plants and birds and bugs and things.  No, this ecosystem is a complex, interconnected network of people and businesses that work together to survive.


Does your workplace use only some of this lingo?  Perhaps your new job will use only some of this, but its always good to know so you don’t end up confused.

job lingo

Desk Lunches are a bad idea:

You have been sitting all day and now you just want to take a break, but staying right where you are is probably your worst option.  The prevalence of vending machines in most offices means that you might be snacking on all the wrong things.

Instead, I advise that you get to know some of your new colleges.  Go out for lunch, take the stairs and eat a single, healthy meal for lunch.  Not only will this make the office less lonely, but it could also have a wealth of benefits in store for your health and career.


If your boss looks good, you’ll do better:

Every office is, in and of itself, an ecosystem.  Right now you are at the bottom of the food chain and you might have ideas of grandeur, of being so good at your job that your boss’s boss sees you, promotes you and gives you the recognition you always knew you deserved.  This is not quite how it works.

Each cog in the machine needs to do its part otherwise it all falls apart.  Know your place and that your task is to help your boss achieve his or her goals first.  If you have successfully done this, you will be noticed and perhaps even mentored.  Figure out what the goals are that you need to achieve as a team, including the goals your boss will be praised for and work towards that.  Take initiative.  You are new on the job, it is expected of you to have a fresh take and new ideas.


Shoutout to #Pretzel for some of the ideas in this blog. Tx for the continued support.

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