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Going Green: Helping Mother Nature and your bottom line?!?


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It seems to be everywhere.  Go Green!  Be more environmentally friendly.  Watch your carbon footprint!  Don’t Waste!  Reuse, reduce, Recycle!  The problem is just that the economy is in a constant state of treading water to survive and business owners just don’t have the time, energy or money to care for mother nature.  Perhaps it may come up in a marketing campaign, but overall we have bigger things to worry about.


Perhaps we just need a new point of view.  New studies have found that being environmentally friendly is more than just a niche marketing strategy.  Green companies are seen to have a better return on investment compared to companies that don’t take the environment into consideration at all.

The idea behind this is that sustainable and ethical business practises always win out at the end of the day.  That’s a fine idea, but we are not in a fairy-tale.  This is the real world and reality is sometimes much harsher than that.  What is the ideology behind Going Green and why should we all conform to it?

go green!

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Except for some tax benefits which encourage you to do this, what are the real benefits of Going Green?

It implies using your resources efficiently, not wasting anything, reusing when you can and recycling what you cannot use.

Efficiency is about achieving the highest possible productive outcomes while spending the lowest possible amount of resources and time.

Let me use a quick, simplified example.

Restaurants use glass or porcelain cups instead of paper cups for a couple of reasons.  They may be initially more expensive, but soon make up for it by being reusable.  The higher-quality goods also please guests and recycling the glass when the cups finally do need to be replaced could be well worth the effort if you intend on selling the recyclable material.

This example employs all three parts of the ideology on a very simple, but effective level.


Beyond that Wimpy and Ocean Basket have earned a lot of praise from their customers after launching their ‘last straw’ campaigns.  These reusable straws are cheaper to buy, due to the recycled material they are made of, and has drawn a lot of customer sympathy to boot.

Going Green has put them above their competitors as ethical brands you can trust.


Sustainability is rooted in the ideology of wasting, and thus spending, less and the ethical and environmental angles are a boon to any brand.  Perhaps spending some time and energy to Go Green is the best choice for your business in 2019!

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