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What a successful CEO will tell you about the role:


Chronicles of Experience


Becoming a CEO for the first time might imply a couple of things.  You were very good at the job you had before this, which was not being a CEO.  You will now, inevitably be a boss with people working under you to consider.  Despite the position being seen as held by veterans, you are still a fledgeling when u first step into it.

So here are a couple of tips to being as successful a CEO as you have been throughout the rest of your career.


It’s a small pond:

You may be the biggest fish right now, but the customer is always right, and many people’s needs and opinions will suddenly be yours to attend to.  You have to take responsibility for everyone under you, report to the board, shareholders or unimpressed clients as well as shield your staff from most of that pressure so that they can perform at their best.


The power of having the right people:

One of the most vital parts of being a CEO is having the right people fill the right positions under you.  After that it in place it is your duty to support, give feedback and help them grow.  You are most successful when you allow others to thrive.


Be bold on eggshells:

The trick to being a CEO worth their salt with so many people to please is to be delicately bold.  You have been placed in this position for no other reason than you deserve to lead.  You have been chosen because you are the best, choosing based on anything else would be suicide for the company.  So be bold, change things and use the power bestowed upon you.  Just be weary of all the eyes always watching.  Be sure of each action before you commit, but when you do commit do so passionately.


Good luck out there, Boss!

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