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2nd October 2018
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Privacy and Security in a digital world


Chronicles of Experience


Sometimes the world seems to be becoming more chaotic by the second with attacks from all fronts are threatening our privacy and security.  The peeping toms from a decade ago and now more advanced than ever with the internet of resources at their disposal.  Those who are not afraid are naïve and those who are naïve are easy targets.  Only those who are afraid, but also aware enough to build up their defences are ready for the coming onslaught.

Let’s look at a couple of threats you should be aware of and the poss

Spying Eyes:

The South African government has not been known to be guilty of this yet, but in countries like the USA and Australia it is far too common that government agencies have access to and regularly survey their citizen’s personal data.  That means that a random desk clerk could possibly see every image, text, link and contact that your phone or pc encounter.  That photo of your mother, your sweet baby cheeks, every fight and loving message, they have it all in a portfolio with your name on it.

Whether this is all just fear-mongering for those that wear the tin-foil hats or a terrifying, invasive reality, there is a way of avoiding the risk.

VPNs are the most promising solution to this security dilemma.  Virtual Private Networks are secret tunnels that allow you to shield your internet data from prying eyes.  There are a range of VPNs available to provide data security from the truly free, Freemium and some which promise a great deal for a hefty price. ible solutions to those threats:

A VPN generally provides:

A way to avoid censorship blocks

A mask for you IP address

A mask for your physical location

Data encryption between your devices and the cloud

Unlimited Internet browsing without logging any history

Access to websites from other countries



Password Security:

Do you use the same password or variables of the same one for a variety of different websites?  Well, so do most people.  That’s where they get you.  LinkedIN has been hacked a couple of times and those passwords have been used to access bank accounts and high-security private accounts.  A Capitol Letter here, a different Number there and they’ve got access to everything.

Password Security Management is the latest in weapons against these hackers.  The software generates a range of high-strength passwords and keeps them all-together for you so you do not have to bother keeping track of them all.  These completely random syphers ensure that hackers have their work cut out for them even if they have gained access to your social media.



Our homes are kept save by walls, gates, doors and the police, but you might just need someone to keep guard of your data in the cloud.

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