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Ambition! Into a Woman’s World


Chronicles of Experience


Why are most of the highest positions in business filled by men?  Well, that is a rabbit hole I prefer not to dive into.  Let us rather spend our time more productively and find the key successful women use to achieve their ambitions.  Women are less likely to have ambitious dreams, but all that can change with these tips from women who have been there, done that and rocked the little black dress.


Own it!

You are a woman with an ideal career path and a dream job.  Do not simply sigh and let it drift away.  Own it.  Proclaim it loudly to the world.  Don’t let the fear of what others might think hold you back.  Why should a proud woman like you be afraid of speaking her mind?  Be a little bit selfish every now and then and take what you want.  Make your voice heard.

ambitious woman

Believe in yourself:

An overqualified woman will often be more humble and reserved when applying for a new job than an underqualified man.  That arrogance sometimes fools the employer into giving the man a raise, who then needs a woman to save him from the deep end.  So, even if you think you will only be ready next year, go for it now.  Embrace discomfort and jump into the deep end yourself.  Take calculated risks that will lead you to that ultimate success.

Remember: Opportunity lies just beyond your comfort zone.



Every woman has a lot on her plate to start with, don’t add to that unnecessarily.  Keep your attention focused on your goal.  Make your goal precise.  Be the woman who beats all the men to the top and then stay there.  It’s a tough, competitive world out there.  Your ambition must be singular and your greed for it insatiable.


Be a woman others can look up to.  It really is a woman’s world, if she wants it. 

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