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11th September 2018
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You will take criticism and you will like it!


Chronicles of Experience


Any successful person gains something of a following in their lives.  Some are there to build yo

taking criticism

u up and some are there to break you down, it is the nature of human existence.  When we are young and sensitive things may seem as binary as this, but as we grow we may learn to value those who break down our bad habits with criticism more than those who simply praise every word from our lips.

Restful seas never made skilful sailors after all.  Let criticism challenge and forge you into a stronger individual.  After taking all those bullets to the chest, you might find that you are superman after all.


Why you should appreciate criticism:

A little bit of feedback is a chance to view yourself from a different perspective.  You may spot flaws in your approach or reasons for confusing and sudden failures.  Shaping yourself to be better takes hard work and is a humbling experience, but definitely worth it in the end and it all starts with a little criticism.

When learning in a new field, criticism and compliments help you to quickly understand what is good and what is bad.  Things can sometimes be confusing and a couple of harsh and honest words are sometimes just what you need.

Learning to take the heat can help you stay in the game longer.  No one can throw you off by hitting you with some hard words.  You have heard it all before and you are sure of yourself and where you stand.



You are going to get criticism all throughout your life and how you choose to deal with it may define your life.  Strengthening your stance or giving you some advice may be breaking down who you currently are, but it is the first start to building who you could be.


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