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2nd August 2018
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Funny Advertisements: What were they thinking??

Cheeky Employee


Okay, so we have seen The Good and The Bad, but some of the best ads, those that really stick, are the funny ads.  So that’s what we have below: Some of the best and funniest ads that really work.


So, in no particular order, these are some of the funniest ads out there:

A Complete Transformation:

Weight ads


The Internet that will save your life:

internet ads


Not even mad:

speed ads


Impressively Bad Breath:

bad breath ads


When the world is really against you:

work ads


Don’t try this at home:

photo ads


Only slightly uncomfortable:

doll ads


An impressive painting that would make you look twice:

painting ads


Yea, Seagulls kinda suck:

Titanic ads

Although these ads do great for a good laugh, they also do what comedy does best.  These ads show a very true, though light-hearted, reality.  Each of these ads shows the reality of their audience’s lives and problems in a creative way.  They make you think.  They make you realise.  They make you laugh.  Most importantly, they make you buy.

You laugh at the real-life exaggerated scenario and they laugh all the way to the bank.  Think of what message these ads send.  These companies understand what their clients want and by getting that giggle from you, these ads are already building the relationship with you.

Perhaps more of us should use humour in our ads.  It could work so very well if done right. 

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