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Don’t let these Workplace Myths hold you back!

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So a myth is the opposite of a fact, an irrational and historical lie that we told ourselves once upon a time, right?  Myths often kept people from searching for the truth and achieving greatness.  I mean who would think to look for answers about the sun if we all know its Apollo dragging it around on his chariot?  Perhaps some ideas are worth a second thought.  Let’s re-evaluate some workplace myths and decide whether they still hold true, or ever really did:


A Metal beast:

The cold winds that sweep the office from the Aircon in every room is an ominous reminder of the time when a great monster emerged from the sea of progress.  It was called Industry and it threatened to leave everyone unemployed in its wake.

Then, from the sky, fear rained down and people became what they had fought.  We became machines.  A new type of metal beast.  We became cold, calculating and cowardly.

From this day all emotions, stress, passion and even concern became taboo, unprofessional.  We suppressed our instincts and became the monsters from the myths.


To compete with the machines we became too much like them.  Where are the risk-takers among us?  Those with that-gut-feeling-that-you-just-can’t-shake and the courage to try have left this world.  Like many myths, this one is wrong.  The passionate have risen and stand on the podiums of success, while we play it safe down below.


The gods!

They have reigned over us for thousands of years and always have a hand in the success of us mere mortals.  Once you have the gods’ favour, success is guaranteed.  The gods that the myths chronicle are not to be trifled with.  They demand worship and sacrifice.

Above all, they must not be questioned.  Ever.


Bosses, I mean gods, can mess up too.  I’m not suggesting that you follow them, pointing out every fault like a Grammar Nazi, but a suggestion or a bit of advice can go a long way.  If you think your boss is making a big mistake, say something!



The Hollow Men:

The gods came and struck the people of Capitalism with a terrible curse.  They were forced to labour, day in and day out.  They found no joy in it.  If a smile could flutter across a face, their tasks would fail.  So they sulked forth.  It is said that this work will soon consume us all.  This is the way the world will end.  Not with a bang, but with a whimper.


Poppycock!  Like most myths, this one is nonsense and takes itself way too seriously.  Have fun!  Enjoy what you do and it’ll show in your work.  Smile, make those menial tasks fun for yourself.  You are not a minion of an evil empire.  Work can be serious, stressful and taxing, but that does not mean it’s all it could be.  Find the silver lining that will make you less miserable and more successful!



A thousand workplace myths and all of them end up just being bad advice.  Let me know if you guys want more of this.  I’m enjoying putting this spin on common issues.

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