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Good Advertisements: What were they thinking??

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So we have looked at some horrible ads in the past, but then I got to thinking, what makes a good ad?  So that’s what we are doing today.  What’s the perfect mix of ingredients to add together that should go *poef* and turn into a successful ad?

For this blog, I shall focus mainly on the cheapest type of advertising: Internet ads.


SEO is not everything:

Search Engine Optimisation is a great tool for making Google’s algorithm take notice, but it does not work so well for people.  Make sure your title and text say something to a human reader as well.


ads example

While that might seem like an extreme example, it is more common than you’d think.  The SEO keywords are obviously ‘sell’ and ‘cars’, but seeing as their aim was to buy people’s second-hand cars, I think it’s safe to say that this ad fails.

This might have worked a bit better:


ads example


Use that FOMO:

All successful ads need a call to action.  ‘Buy Now!’, ‘Click HERE’, etc.  How do you stop people from saying, ‘Yea, I’ll do that later, after this video.’  Then your customer gets sucked into the void that is the internet and closes their browser at 4 am and forgets entirely about your call to action.

The solution is FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  Create promotional ads and set a due date and time.  Offer lasts till midnight.  Today Only!  Well, then they can’t wait.  They need that 2% off right now! It’s human nature.



Some words just GRAB attention!  Use that to your advantage.  The following are words that make people want to CLICK and SWIPE!  Try to include them in your ads, where applicable, and don’t forget your punctuation!  Exclamation marks, commas, full stops and even that Dollar sign, they have a story to tell in your ads.

ads words


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