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5th July 2018
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Career advice:  Not quite there yet…

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So some of us, okay most of us, are not where we would like to be career-wise.  That dream job we set out to find may be far in the distance or close, but always out of reach.  Let’s be honest, we are sometimes entirely unsure what our dream jobs would actually be.  So how can you build a career and plan a course in life is you have no idea where the hell you are headed?



A job is only a single step in your career and your career is only a single part of your life.  Don’t take it all too seriously.  Get a hobby.  Spend time with friends.  Don’t stress too much about not having your dream job just yet.  A career path is not a linear thing.  You are going to be moved and jostled and shifted and turned around a couple of times before you get to where you’ll ultimately end up.  The most important thing is to prioritise what makes you happy and keep that in mind when you come to those inevitable forks in the road.


A well-oiled machine:

Even if you are satisfied with your current position in your career, don’t let yourself get rusty and ultimately stuck.  Keep your CV up to date and keep your eyes open.  The grass isn’t greener on the other side until it is and you need to be ready for that day.  Keep track of social media, like LinkedIN and never let yourself get stagnant.

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Career opportunities with a smile:

Remember that most people get hired through their network.  Every person you meet is an opportunity so be sure to make a good first impression every time.  I know I have found myself in a field I would never have imagined even two years ago.  Keep an open mind and a smile.  You never know what’s waiting around the next corner.

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Be sensible:

Just because a new opportunity could be behind every handshake, doesn’t mean it’s a good one.  Just because the grass seems greener, doesn’t mean it is.  Be ready for change, but if it ain’t broke, don’t work too hard to fix it.  Stay in the career or the job that you have until it makes sense to change.  Give a new job a fighting chance, before flip-flopping around to another one.


The combination of stability and adaptability is what will ultimately lead you to that dream job at the end of your career path.  Don’t be scared to spread your wings, but always stay mindful of the sun.

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  1. Jaci says:

    More humble than cheek in this article, I hope our chirpy antihero returns with a egoistical bash next time👍🏻 Love the article though, I used to be too concerned about how my so-called career would be perceived by others, then I read that career is basically “just a concept, a story-line written by consecutive decisions” in other words it’s very open to interpretation and depends how it is framed and “what’s more important is the way you are shaped by these moves.” This perspective totally took away my anxiety to make career moves. I totally agree with ‘not taking it too seriously’

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