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Influential Words: Some light reading with HEAVY impact


Chronicles of Experience


You may be old and full of wise words, but that does not mean that you know all there is to learn.  Reading is not only a soothing activity, but valuable lessons may lurk between the pages.  The world is changing faster than most of us can keep up and reading up on the latest trends in sales and management may give you a great insight into what the competition might be up to.  Blogs, like this one, should not be your only source of information, however.  I have found that a few books from my past have a great impact on my success in sales and management.  Some I would even say have been life-changing.


Never Cold Call againReading Cold Call Book

This book details strategies about keeping in touch with clients.  While reading this book I learned how to be unforgettable and, after reading this, clients are bound to remember you in future when they think of your industry.  Building your network with this book in mind is invaluable.


Four Hour Work WeekReading 4 hours book

Reading this has changed my life.  I was once a man with a plan and a lot on my to-do list, unfortunately, my plan was a vague dream and my to-do list was cluttered with unnecessary things.  This book is focussed on prioritisation and planning.


Guru Guide – Best ideas of top management: ThinkersReading Guru Guide book

This book is filled to the brim with valuable case studies.  After reading this I had practically lived the lives of top managers and learned from their failures and successes.  Having that experience has definitely been to my benefit as I am sure it will be to yours.


How to Master the Art of SellingReading Art of Selling book

This book allowed me to learn and try out a new tactic every week.  It is great for a beginner and even better for an old timer looking to spice things up.  Reading this is sure to add some kick to your sales strategy.



Dale Carnegie Books

This man has given advice to thousands with many best-selling books and I too am fond of reading his work.  Most of his books hone your social skills and will help you make the desired first impression upon clients and build up the relationships from there.


The Invisible CustomerReading Invisible Cust book

This book, co-authored by our own Cobus van Graan, deals with strategic selling.  Reading this gives you advice on how to plan, execute and implement a sales strategy successfully.


Of course, the internet is riddled with advice, but consider the calming notion of reading a book by a trusted author just to unwind at the end of a day and learning some valuable info along the way.

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