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83 Reasons you should contact Tracer Mobile Workflow TODAY


Cobus van Graan (MD & Co-founder of Tracer Mobile Workflow)


Tracer Mobile Workflow is a comprehensive, highly bespoke, workflow system that does the impossible.  We supply a system that adapts to your exact needs without you having to build it from scratch.  We give you the Lego pieces you need and you construct your paperless workflow.  No reinventing the wheel and now rigid and uncompromising system.  The list below is 101 reasons why you should contact Tracer Mobile Workflow TODAY.


  1. 1. Tracer understands Admin

Admin is tough and can tank productivity: The word admin or administration can be used to describe tedious or time-consuming tasks in slang terms and unfortunately that is what it has become.  Admin has a theoretical goal, to gather data about your company, your clients and your staff.  Mostly, it just becomes a pile of dusty papers in the corner of a cabinet that you have wasted hours on.  Don’t waste your time or pay your staff to waste their time by using admin ineffectively. 

  1. 2. Tracer Mobile Workflow has never lost a form

Forms get lost: You could have sworn you had them right there, on the pile with the others.  But the form is gone and now you and your staff need to reprint and repeat the time-consuming activity of filling in a paper form. 

  1. 3. Tracer Mobile Workflow’s data stays neat and intact

Forms get damaged: People are messy and their paperwork reflects that.  Paper forms are often smeared with dirty fingers, wrinkled, torn, folded or have coffee marks and spills on them.  The more chaotic your paperwork, the less precise and productive your team is able to be. 

  1. 4.  Tracer Mobile Workflow can simplify forms

Forms are filled out wrong: A thousand times is just not enough times for some people to hear that although a Tomato is technically a fruit, on paper, it is a vegetable and the forms must be filled in as such.  If only there was a way to have only limited options available.  We have checkboxes!  A limited amount of possible responses limits errors. 

  1. 5.  Tracer Mobile Workflow ensures all the required information is filled in

Forms are left incomplete: People forget, but people sometimes forget to fill in essential information and you have to waste time going back and asking for the form to be filled out fully.  Tracer can stop staff in their tracks when they try to submit an incomplete form.  It will save you and your staff a lot of frustration. 

  1. 6.  Tracer Mobile Workflow can automatically fill in some parts of the forms

Forms are repetitive: You need the client’s address and contact info to appear on every single form so that you know how to get a hold of them without searching for a file in that dusty cabinet.  We understand.  As soon as the workflow is linked to a client, that information goes with the workflow through every single step.  The only thing worse than admin is having to do it twice. 

  1. 7.    Tracer Mobile Workflow has automatic filing

Filing is a lot of work: After all the admin is done, the forms have been filled in and filled in again, the right way, all that has to go into the files so that you can store that data for a rainy day.  This takes hours of time to do properly and in an organised fashion.  Tracer files everything and you can search for past data according to anything you want: Date, Client, Employee, Location, etc.

  1. 8.  Tracer Mobile Workflow has everything backed up:

Never lose data: There was a fire in the filing cabinet or the geyser burst or anything happened to your historical data and it is all gone.  This is a crisis you really do not have to deal with.  Tracer has never lost any data and whenever you want past data you can have it.  You can even track who edited the data and what they changed on the forms.

  1. 9.   Tracer Mobile Workflow uses Tahoma

Bad Handwriting: Some employees have a ‘unique font’ which is entirely illegible for the rest of the modern world.  He claims the forms are filled in correctly, but the truth is, you will never know.  Tracer uses Tahoma, a font everyone is quite familiar with and able to read.  Never underestimate the importance of legibility!

  1. 10.    Tracer Mobile Workflow has a spell checker built into everything

Bad Spelling: Spelling is important, it turns out.  The in-built spell checker, drop down options and checkboxes in our online forms turn ‘opurtunities’ into opportunities.  It saves a lot of time too, not having to check spelling yourself.

  1. 11.    Tracer Mobile Workflow provides dropdown lists that save your previously used information

Dropdown Lists: You likely have the same technicians working on many different tasks and their names must thus be filled in on many different forms.  Just start typing and their name will auto-fill if you have used it previously and have not cleared your cookies in the meantime. 

  1. 12.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is paper-less and organised

Organised desk, organised mind: If your desk is constantly a mess of papers and files and pens that have run out of ink and a cluttered mess, you might have a tough time organising your thoughts.  Tracer allows you to do everything online and we keep everything organised, no need to spring-clean once a month to stay sane.

  1. 13.    Tracer Mobile Workflow keeps everything at your fingertips

Quick Search: Have you ever been on the phone with a client and they abruptly ask to know which staff-member is in charge of their order?  There is no need to panic or start throwing papers around and yell at your personal assistant.  Calmly enter a search query and find data according to any aspect you choose: Date, job type, client, location, technician, etc.

  1. 14.    Tracer Mobile Workflow saves you money

Paper and Ink are unnecessary expenses: Printing, reprinting, losing the forms, reprinting, copying and printing for filing are all completely unnecessary expenses that are costing your company.  Powering a computer, phone or tablet is much cheaper. 

  1. 15.   Tracer Mobile Workflow is good for the environment

Go Green: There are 8 333 sheets of paper in every tree.  That sounds a lot, but how many trees have you used in the past year?  How many more trees have to die for your company to grow?  Tracer can be your completely paperless solution to a clear conscience.

  1. 16.    Tracer Mobile Workflow allows image attachments

Attach Images to forms: The technician out in the field may have to take photos of the machine he is doing the precautionary check up on and those photos need to be added to the forms.  It is no problem for Tracer.  We can easily allow photos to be attached to forms for your convenience. 

  1. 17.    Tracer Mobile Workflow allows information attachments

Attach Notes: ‘Remember this client likes Wimpy Coffee and hates the colour red!’  This might be vital information to closing the deal so do not let it get lost in translation.  Attach notes to forms, jobs, tasks, clients, etc.

  1. 18.    Tracer Mobile Workflow allows any file attachments

Attach files: Do you want the contract to follow the workflow and always be on hand?  Just attach it to the form and it will be available for download at all times, at the tips of your fingers. 

  1. 19.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is compatible with GPS Location pin drops

GPS Location Pins: People get lost and that may be inconvenient for them, but it becomes inconvenient to your bottom line if they get lost on their way to your clients.  The GPS Location gives you access to an online map so that you know where you are going and how to get there.  Do not be late!

  1. 20.    Tracer Mobile Workflow gives your staff a document drop site

Document Drops: The files your staff need to get the job done can be dropped in a big, organised pile online.  They will always have access to those templates and sales tools they need and have access to vital information quickly. 

  1. 21.    Tracer Mobile Workflow saves you from spending money on unnecessary staff

No need for Admin Control Staff: Your admin is complicated and you just cannot handle the pressures of running a company and managing the admin.  You do not need to hire new staff to manage your admin, Tracer has got you covered. 

  1. 22.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is Cloud-based

Cloud Computing: Tracer is the future of cost reduction and efficiency.  Cloud computing allows people access to the same kinds of applications through the internet.  Tracer uses Cloud computing to make your business more efficient and all workflow data more secure.

  1. 23.    Tracer Mobile Workflow ensures the security of your data on our servers

Data Security: If every computer used in your business spontaneously combusted right now, what would the impact be on productivity?  With Tracer the impact is very little as all of your important data is saved on the server and can be accessed through any browser.

  1. 24.    Tracer Mobile Workflow allows only one version of the truth

No discrepancies: The fact that Tracer is cloud-based and all the data exists in a single server means that no forms or documents exist in two versions and you have to guess at the correct one.  There is one truth and one version of the data.

  1. 25.    Tracer Mobile Workflow will never be ‘under construction’ or busy with ‘maintenance’

Automatic Software Updates: Tracer values productivity and as such we shall never allow your system to go offline so that we can update or do fixes.  The cloud allows us to remotely update the system while you calmly continue business as usual.

  1. 26.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is cost friendly

No New Hardware: Cloud computing cuts out the high cost of hardware.  You simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model that’s kind to your cash flow.  You do not need to break the bank to get the best.

  1. 27.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is a team builder

Increased Collaboration: When your teams can access, edit and share documents anytime, from anywhere, they are able to do more together, and do it better.  Cloud-based workflow and file sharing help them to make updates in real time and give them full visibility of their collaborations.  This means that your workflow will be smooth and effortless, removing issues such as mistakes on paperwork or misunderstandings between the steps in the workflow.

  1. 28.    Tracer Mobile Workflow allows for a flexible schedule

Work from anywhere: Any computer with an internet connection can be your workstation or your staff’s desks.  You can offer more flexible working perks to employees so they can enjoy the work-life balance that suits them – without productivity taking a hit.  One study reported that 42% of workers would swap a portion of their pay for the ability to telecommute.  On average they’d be willing to take a 6% pay cut.  A happy employee is a productive employee.

  1. 29.    Tracer Mobile Workflow makes admin useful again

Data Gathering: Your admin, files and forms could be of so much more use to you than gathering dust in that cabinet.  Tracer allows you access to and use of that knowledge in a variety of ways, which makes the time you spend doing admin more than pay off. 

  1. 30.  Tracer Mobile Workflow lets your admin speak to you

Comprehensive BI Rapports: Business Intelligence Rapports allow you to see the data of your whole business at a glance.  Tracer gives you tables, charts, diagrams and options to customise each of these so that you can hear what your data is trying to tell you.

  1. 31.   Tracer Mobile Workflow gives you a new understanding of your business

In-Depth Knowledge: You need to know what your pipeline and workflow look like.  You need to know how long jobs take to pass through each step and what you can do to improve productivity.  You need to understand what the data is telling you so that you can make the decisions your business needs you to make. 

  1. 32.    Tracer Mobile Workflow allows you to make informed decisions

No more guessing: Tracer gives you access to the information you need and can adapt to provide any information from the data so that you are fully aware of what is going on in your business and you have the knowledge and control necessary to make an informed decision on your company’s future. 

  1. 33.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is precise

Precise and Relevant Information: Tracer’s BI Rapports do not give you all the information we have about your admin, we have everything.  We only draw up charts, tables and diagrams of what you tell us you need to know.  We can colour-code it too, for easy viewing.

  1. 34.    Tracer Mobile Workflow provides business-saving knowledge

Keep track of your pipeline: You need to know your pipeline for two vital reasons.  You need to know how long things take so that you take notice when things go wrong and you need to know where the problem is so that you can fix it.  Tracer gives you this knowledge on a silver platter.

  1. 35.    Tracer Mobile Workflow keeps you up to date

Dashboard: The dashboard is personalised to you and your staff individually and keeps track of everything you have to do and keep on top of so that you can focus your time and attention on more important issues.  From the dashboard you can easily access the forms you need to work with. 

  1. 36.    Tracer Mobile Workflow keeps everyone in the know

Instant Notifications: Tracer can be set up to let you know when you receive a new task or request for approval or when your staff is falling behind.  We can even let your customers know that their product will be shipped tomorrow or send a sales representative their way because you have not heard anything from them in a while.  You and your clients need the calm of knowing what is going on.

  1. 37.   Tracer Mobile Workflow lets you assign tasks to specific staff

Tasking: Say, for example, you have technicians out in the field and a new repair job comes in.  Tracer can send them each an SMS to let them know that a task is available and the first to respond gets the assignment or we can automatically assign certain staff members to certain tasks.  You have the power to assign and reassign tasks at any time.

  1. 38.    Tracer Mobile Workflow makes communication instant and effortless

Streamline Communication: You can set up your workflow so that as soon as certain forms are completed, other staff members get assigned and notified without having to be contacted personally.  Instant communication means more productive staff.

  1. 39.   Tracer Mobile Workflow values speed and efficiency

Saves Time: Tracer is set up to provide everything instantly.  Our pages load quickly on all browsers and we do not overcomplicate things.  Efficiency is productivity over time.  To decrease the time a task takes to complete, without giving up quality is the ultimate goal.

  1. 40.    Tracer Mobile Workflow increases individual productivity

Set Targets: You need to know what you expect from your staff and you need to know that they are delivering on those expectations.  Track activities such as customers called on tasks completed and set targets so that your team knows what they need to do.  Tracer allows you track targets and lets you know whether those targets are being hit. 

  1. 41.    Tracer Mobile Workflow keeps your pipeline under control

Create Deadlines: Do you want your customer service queries to be addressed within 24 or even 48 hours, but it is much too difficult to keep reminding everyone.  Tracer has your back on this one too.  We can set deadlines for different tasks and put a timer on them from the moment it is assigned to completion.  We can even let you know if anything falls behind.

  1. 42.    Tracer Mobile Workflow makes everyone accountable

Accountability: Tracer knows who was assigned to which tasks, who changed what and who was responsible.  You should know too. 

  1. 43.    Tracer Mobile Workflow decreases the rate of errors in your business

Minimise Errors: Errors occur when information is chaotic, staff are overworked, frustrated or stressed and tasks are unclear.  Tracer solves all the admin-induced mistakes that can occur.  Give your staff the gift of stress-free admin.

  1. 44.   Tracer Mobile Workflow does not let anything slip through the cracks

Watertight Workflow: People forget things, but no one should forget about your customers.  Tracer does not forget.  Every task that is loaded onto the system will stay there until someone deals with it.  No one is forgotten and nothing slips through the cracks.

  1. 45.    Tracer Mobile Workflow can provide an online portal for customer support

Online Portal: Streamline your communication with your customers by installing a Portal on your website.  It is a virtual form that lets your customers state their issues quickly and clearly, while your staff get precise job cards instead of messy emails that have to be queried over and over again to finally get the necessary information.

  1. 46.    Tracer Mobile Workflow stops the flow of unnecessary emails

De-clutter your inbox: ‘Who is in charge of the XYZ account?’ and ‘Which technician do I ask about the repairs’ are questions you no longer have to deal with.  Tracer can be set up so that staff can quickly search for the information they need and contact the right person directly.  It gives you time to reply to more important emails.

  1. 47.    Tracer Mobile Workflow allows transparency where necessary

‘Just checking in’ is a thing of the past: Your staff’s inboxes are also cluttered by concerned colleague’s’ quick queries into how that task is progressing.  Tracer can give sales and customer service reps the rights to see the progress and history of all your company’s dealings with their customers so that they can give the clients well-informed feedback. 

  1. 48.    Tracer Mobile Workflow eliminates frustration

Excel Sucks: If you are not using paper-based forms, you are likely using excel.  Excel is frustrating.  After you have done all that hard word the file might corrupt itself anyway and then you are stuck.  Do yourself a favour, look for options beyond Excel.

  1. 49.    Tracer Mobile Workflow has a tiny learning curve

Repackaging the old: Tracer looks at your forms, workflow and system and recreates them on an efficient and effective platform.  Your staff do not have to relearn how to do admin.  They just have to find the familiar forms online.

  1. 50.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is user-friendly

Implementation is everything: Tracer may be a great platform, but how do you ensure that your staff get on board and use it?  The system is designed to simplify so that staff can quickly see how much time and effort Tracer is saving them and get on board.

  1. 51.    Tracer Mobile Workflow has a calendar feature

Planner: The Planner is a calendar that can log your personal important dates and meeting times, but can also give you access to your staff’s schedule.  It imports dates from your forms automatically.  Just another little time saver.

  1. 52.    Tracer Mobile Workflow tracks your assets

Scheduler: The Scheduler is a differ type of calendar.  It keeps track of all your assets, which sites they are on, where they are booked tomorrow and when they are due for repairs.  Teams can easily see where each asset is and what they are meant to do with them. 

  1. 53.    Tracer Mobile Workflow takes care of your assets

Asset Management: Your asset is being used to serve a client, but may move from client to client.  Tracer has the flexibility to allow that asset’s forms to travel between clients or staff, while you can keep track of your asset and still accumulate a full history. 

  1. 54.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is fast

Optimized for Speed: The system looks great, but we never compromise on speed.  Updates are launch constantly to improve on the already quick load times that can work on any bandwidth.  You will never wait for pages to load and it is probably faster now than when we published this. 

  1. 55.    Tracer Mobile Workflow has a Print Form option

Printing: Some people just like to feel the paper in their hands.  That is just fine.  Tracer can provide all the benefits of having a paperless system as well as having the option to print forms in beautiful formats.

  1. 56.    Tracer Mobile Workflow listens to you

You know Best: You have built this company from the ground up or been managing it for years.  You know what you are doing.  Tracer is not going to get in the way of that.  Your workflow, your way.  We just provide the platform.

  1. 57.    Tracer Mobile Workflow puts you in control

Your Control: Tracer’s workflow system is aptly named INControl, because it puts you in control of all your workflow, staff, assets and business. 

  1. 58.    Tracer Mobile Workflow integrates seamlessly

Seamless Integration: Do you already have SAP or any other CRM or workflow system, but they cannot quite provide what you need?  You have the option of moving everything to Tracer, or be more cautious and integrate Tracer into your current workflow team.  There is no ‘I’ in team.

  1. 59.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is a disruption

The future is here: There has been a disruption in the market and Tracer has emerged between a huge system that forces you to play by their rules and your own custom IT project that just does not seem capable of the task.  Tracer is a system that plays by your rules, but is advanced enough to handle your workflow.

  1. 60.    Tracer Mobile Workflow knows how to manage technicians out in the field

Technician Management: Tracer has a whole toolbox to help your technicians out in the field and make their jobs easier.  The more productive your technicians the happier your customers and the healthier your bottom line becomes.  It is a win-win-win!

  1. 61.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is Mobile

Mobility: Tracer can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or even Tom-Tom GPS.  Your workflow is on the go and Tracer will be right there with them every step of the way, providing a live, direct link between your technicians and the office.  Technicians do not even have to come in to hand in a form, it is all done automatically.

  1. 62.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is compatible with offline use

Offline Forms: Are your customers in the middle of nowhere?  Just have your technicians download our app and fill in their forms while at that client and the data will update as soon as they get signal again.  You do not need signal to keep your workflow running smoothly.

  1. 63.    Tracer Mobile Workflow has electronic forms signed in the field

Electronic sign off: The faster that signed document gets back to the office the faster the next steps in the workflow can take place.  Tracer has optimised this process as well.  Electronic sign off can happen anywhere and gets that data back to the office instantly.

  1. 64.    Tracer Mobile Workflow provides continuous performance management

No more Bad Apples: Staff performance reports come around once or twice a year, but they are actually working all year round.  Tracer allows you to keep track of their performance constantly with BI rapports of tasks completed and pipeline timeframes.

  1. 65.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is fair and accurate

Fair Performance Reviews: Tracer can supply graphs, diagrams and tables of all your staff and lay out their performance graphically for whatever timeframe is applicable.  This way you can get an accurate and objective representation of staff’s performance and give feedback that is fair.

  1. 66.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is not a CRM

Something more: Tracer is not a CRM or ERP system.  We do not conform to an inflexible structure that your business has to try to make work for them.  We work around your unique, existing structures and simply optimise them.

  1. 67.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is not too big

Small enough: Tracer is a solution for small companies that wish to start their admin off on the right foot.  The Tracer team is small, but without the system, we would be lost as well.

  1. 68.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is not too small

Big enough: The system was built to scale and if you bring more users to the table, we simply add a new server to accommodate you.  Tracer will not even lose a sweat.

  1. 69.    Tracer Mobile Workflow adapts to your needs

Just right: Compare it, if you will, to a tailor.  There is the one-size-fits-all option, which technically will get you clothed like a common CRM or EPR, but is just okay enough?  Tracer is the custom tailor you need.  We research your business, take your measurements and become the system that suits you perfectly.

  1. 70.    Tracer Mobile Workflow can grow with you

Growth: Tracer can start small with your initial set up and grow alongside your business, adapting and scaling to your needs.  You are sure to have success with all the other benefits Tracer adds so we shall be sure to keep up with you.

  1. 71.    Tracer Mobile Workflow can scale down easily

Agility: The economy has been rough and you have to make some cuts.  Tracer has the flexibility to quickly adjust to your new, smaller size.  We shall also be there when you get back on your feet again. 

  1. 72.    Tracer Mobile Workflow helps you set up

A Helping Hand: You know your business and we know workflow.  Together we shall set up your dream system.  Our combined expertise will move your business forward.

  1. 73.    Tracer Mobile Workflow does it for you

No DIY: Have you been considering building your own workflow system.  That might be a bad idea.  Building your own system takes time and money and the system might not be able to function as you would have liked.  Tracer is a time-tested workflow solution that does it all for you.

  1. 74.    Tracer Mobile Workflow does not require customisation

No IT expenses: Tracer is pre-built.  All the adaptations we can do and flexibility we have is configurable, which means we just have to play with some settings.  The system was designed to be fluid and able to take the shape of any business it needs to.

  1. 75.    Tracer Mobile Workflow works

No Trial and Error: If you do try to build your own system, you might find that you have to make a couple of mistakes along the road of getting it to function the way you want to.  We have been there and our t-shirt proudly displays our experience.  We have struggled through it all.  You do not have to.

  1. 76.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is plug and play

No Wasting Time: A workflow system is supposed to save you time right away, not take months and years to finally be ready and fully functional, by that time your business will probably be very different anyway.  Tracer’s set up is quick and we adapt quickly too.

  1. 77.    Tracer Mobile Workflow has a team with years of experience

More than 17 years’ experience: We know what we are doing.  Tracer has been involved with management for years, especially Sales Management, and we are sure to be a benefit to your business.

  1. 78.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is successful

Success Stories: Tracer has been a great benefit to many businesses throughout the years.  We have some of our success stories available on the website.  Have a look at what a difference we can make for you.

  1. 79.    Tracer Mobile Workflow has excellent customer service

You come first: Tracer does not provide a standard service that can be bottled up and repeated.  We genuinely care for our customers and their businesses.  We stay involved and quickly handle any issues that may pop up.

  1. 80.    Tracer Mobile Workflow sticks around

Never alone: Even when your workflow has been fully set up and there have not been any changes in years, we shall pop in from time to time to provide advice, support or suggestions for improvements to your workflow.  We ensure the system is implemented correctly and that it grows with your business.

  1. 81.    Tracer Mobile Workflow provides a free needs analysis

20 Minutes: Are you unsure whether Tracer can provide exactly what you need?  Give us 20 minutes of your time and answers to a couple of questions and we shall know exactly whether and how we can help you out.  We are not going to waste your time.

  1. 82.    Tracer Mobile Workflow is available today

Today is as good a day as any: You should contact us right now, even if you are reading this over the weekend.  Why?  Well the sooner you do, the sooner your business can have more effective workflow, more productive staff and a healthier bottom line.

  1. 83.    You got this far


Do you doubt us?  That’s fair, it is quite a heavy claim.  Let us do a needs analysis and cross our hearts, if we can’t provide your perfect middle ground between a premade system and a custom development, we’ll bow our heads in shame and leave.  We have never been unable to deliver.  What do you have to lose?



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