Tracer Cloud Solutions provides flexible operational software that solves bespoke needs to simplify business processes.

We provide quality products and services that our people can be proud of and the happiness of both clients and staff is a high priority. Good relationships within and without our business are part of the company culture that we maintain.

Digitization and Business Complexity

As a business grows, gets more customers, hires more staff there are a growing number of processes to take care of. Soon excel sheets are required to keep track of everything. With more growth, excel is no longer enough. Too many processes, people, clients, orders, numbers, documents and files become completely overwhelming.

This is when the complexity of a business has reached its peak. There are only two options from this point on.

Thrive or Fail.


Excel is not enough, there never seem to be enough staff and orders are being forgotten. Even as clients are abandoning the sinking ship the complexities never cease and a million clever tricks and processes cannot keep up. Finally, the business has to scale down or even close, unable to handle the scope of work required for true growth



A decision has been made, one that will prepare the business for the new strategies that promise to increase sales and so too the heavy burden on operations. INControl is implemented in the divisions that require it most and when the growth comes staff feel the pressure of the greater workload, but are able to keep up by checking their dashboards for orders they might have forgotten or tasks they might have missed. The complexity of key processes has stabilized within the firm grasp of INControl. New staff can be trained to follow the same process and the wisdom gained by Reporting allows for yet another key strategic decision to be made to move the business ever forward towards future growth.