Connect your customer to your business

This is a feature that is at the same time integrated into INControl and entirely separate from it. What this means is that it cannot function without INControl as the back-end and database, but that using INControl for other parts of the workflow is not a requirement for its use.

So what exactly is a Portal? It is a window into your company and often serves as a digital ‘Information’ desk. Customers may use it to quickly get information from a database without having to speak to a staff member at all.

Some practical examples of how this works are as follows: A customer may want a quote on something while they consider the purchase and can quickly use the Portal to input their needs. The database will then kick out an automatic response, based on the instructions it has been given. The Portal can also be used to allow a customer to get quick feedback on their order. They simply input the order number and INControl will search the database for that order’s current status and give that automatic feedback.

This system was designed to save time and automates customer service for the benefit of both buyer and seller.

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