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Millennials vs The Media!

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The war has been raging violently for years now.  The Media is attacking all that Millennials hold dear and blaming them for any big trends in the world.  Millennials, for their part, are rejecting traditional Media outlets and causing many journalists to lose their jobs.  Can The Media stand up to an entire generation?

The fight of the century is about to start!

In this corner, we have Millennials:

They are between the ages of 38 and 22, but are always referred to as ‘Kids these days’.  Key characteristics of Millennials include an ability to adapt to technology quickly, depression and a love for Avocado Toast!

In the far corner stands the giant, the legend, The Media!

Traditionally Media use their own platforms such as Newspapers and TV networks, but today these brave corporations have stepped into the new world of online news and social Media. 

Millennials start off quickly with a quick punch to the jaw as the Newspaper loses its grip on audiences worldwide.  Although this is an assault from all generations, The Media turns their attention on the Tech-Savvy youth first.

The Media is quick to strike back, complaining about the lazy, entitled, self-indulgent and, above all, selfie-loving young people that are more likely to ruin our society than move out of their parents’ house. 

Another punch to the gut as streaming replaces TV and Media profits plummet.  Journalists are fired at alarming rates even while The Media continues to publish anti-Millennial fluff pieces.

The list of things Millennials are apparently destroying is almost endless:


The Real Estate Industry


Breakfast Cereal

Nine-to-five jobs



Merry Christmas

The Hotel Industry

Chain Restaurants



Bar Soap

The Diamond Industry



American Cheese

And coming soon: Traditional Media?

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