This is the baby of the Tracer Cloud Solutions family that has only limited access to the full power of what a Tracer system can be. Just like a child, however Digital Clerk carries some key traits that ensure the quality, reliability and service you can always expect from Tracer.

Digital Clerk is a simple data input system. Instead of trying to send an excel document or something similar from person to person to gather all that data you need which run the risks of that document getting corrupted or becoming inconsistent with multiple versions, you can simply all subscribe to Digital Clerk. Simply fill in the data that you need from any browser, desktop or mobile, and your own personal Clerk system kick out the data you need in a simple format that you can filter according to your needs.

Features of this Freemium product by explaining the three types of users and their unique capabilities

This service is completely free of charge up until 25 users or 6 months

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain as the benefits of going paperless with Digital Clerk can have a massive impact on efficiency and customer relations. .

1 Super User

3 Complex Users

20 Simple Users

1 Form

R850 - Super Users

R650 Complex Users

R100 Simple Users

Unlimited Forms

Unlimited Workflow stages

And much more

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