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bad mood

Be slow to anger, slow to stress. Even a smile at the mirror will add a little bit more sunshine to the room. A perpetual bad mood is not the road to success.

Be a Boss worth working for: Are you always in a Bad Mood?

Chronicles of Experience

Aging is a strange process.  It burns the lines of the past into your flesh and no where is this more apparent than in your face.  Have you ever noticed how easily you can tell whether an elderly person has spent most of their lives smiling or frowning?  It’s like the skin of their faces have become accustomed to one expression and find another altogether foreign.

Well, have you ever thought about yourself?  Do you spend most of your time in a bad mood or do you often smile and enjoy the little things in life? 

What that says for your quality of life is something else entirely, but I want to talk about what it does to the people you work with. 

You are the boss and your mood has the biggest impact on the company.  It trickles down from manager to supervisor and pretty soon everyone is scowling like the place stinks.  Is that the type of place you want people to work at?  Are these the type of people your customers want to deal with?

bad mood

Stress, dissatisfaction, irritation or just a general demeanour can all be causes for a bad mood, but should they be causes for a bad working environment and, in turn, a bad business?

It has been proven that a good mood can spread around the office even faster than that foul smell of discontent and can make your staff more at ease, more productive, more loyal and ultimately also happier. 

Be slow to anger, slow to stress.  Even a smile at the mirror will add a little bit more sunshine to the room.  A perpetual bad mood is not the road to success. 

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