Take Control - Configurable Software Solutions

We believe that, instead of forcing the change of your business processes to fit a pre-built package, software solutions should be tailored and optimized for your ever-changing workflow and meet your specific requirements. Tracer’s INControl is a software platform that hosts a wide variety of features and solution. We believe that bespoke and highly configurable software solutions will provide the efficiency required to meet your business goals.

We work closely with your business operations and IT team to build a cost-efficient software solution. This includes analyzing and prioritizing the unique business’s specific needs and suiting it to our platform’s specialized Database and User Interface Design. We always take existing infrastructure into consideration and propose the best fitting bespoke solution avoiding unnecessary financial investments.


Software integration is more imperative to business productivity today than ever, as we have an increasing amount of apps, gadgets and devices that all need to come together to form a cohesive hum of efficiency. Tracer can easily integrate with your current systems, allowing them to work together smoothly. Complete system integration allows facility managers to work from a single work station without losing any utility. Problems can be solved and changes can be made with a few clicks on one device, rather than visiting multiple computer systems to repeat the same process. Tracer works to simplify your system and make it easy to manage. It is not just another app to complicate things.


A system can only reach its full potential and success if its launch is accompanied by experienced business architects that can plan and support the implementation. That’s where we come in. Our business analysts will be with you every step of the way. Our service process was designed to ensure success through the ebb and flow of a growing business.

Step 1 – Introduction

You cannot do business with someone you don’t know so allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Tracer Cloud Solutions team and we are here to transform your admin from a frustration into a helping hand.

Step 2 – Needs Analysis

We only need about 20 minutes of your busy day to get started. The needs analysis allows our Business Analysts to ask you some questions about how your company runs, what has been tried and failed, what your objectives are when implementing a digital and cloud-based system. What would a successful system do for you and what would a failure look like?

Step 3 – Plan

After the Needs Analysis we sketch an outline of everything you want and need out of a system and what tools would benefit the implementation process. We ensure a final time that the system will fulfil all your needs and go above and beyond to increase productivity, oversight and control.

Step 4 – The Workshop

This is where we get down and dirty. We need your help to dig into the nitty gritty of your business. Do you need all that info to be filled in on each form? Can we have these details pull through from the previous form or account automatically? Which fields should be required before the form is complete? Who should have access to edit this form, who should have only viewing rights and who should have oversight over everything? Do you want to set KPI’s on this form so management is notified when it has been left unattended for too long? Should your clients be notified when an activity moves from one stage in the workflow to another? These questions and so many, many more need to be answered so we can build the system of your dreams out of the features we have available.

Step 5 – Implementation

All systems ready to go? Let’s test it and see how it works for you. In a pre-determined testing period we aim to work with you and your staff to iron out any redundancies in the set up and we make sure that everything is working the way you expected it to. This gives us time to tweak, tighten, reconfigure and fit the system perfectly into your company. Part of implementation is also training. Staff and management training is part of the package to ensure that everything runs smoothly from day 1.

Step 6 – Success and Growth

You have been with us for a couple of months by now. Your customers are more satisfied, your workflow is running smoothly and your salespeople have never been more actively involved with their most important leads, but you need more. The company is growing beyond the original spec. Your needs have changed, your industry evolved. Is Tracer the best long-term solution? We would not have mentioned it if Tracer could not deal with growth. With just a couple of hours and a couple of clicks we can grow your system to suite your new needs. It is what we are most excited to do, help our clients grow and achieve even greater success.