Take Control - Implement efficient and paperless Workflow

A well-designed and implemented workflow solution can pay for itself in a matter of months while improving timeliness and accuracy of information and scheduling. This translates into enhanced productivity, heightened customer satisfaction, more savings and increased profits.

Businesses receive distinct value when they successfully replace paper-based, manual workflow processes with a paperless workflow alternative. The successful implementation of any paperless workflow solution needs to be measured by the benefits it adds to the overall profitability of the business. Tracer’s Mobile Workflow Solution will influence change in any business by eliminating the redundancy and costs of a paper-based workflow all the while increasing the efficiency of the entire workforce. Tracer’s main concern is to speed the workflow up, freeing up both field resources and the valuable time of office staff in order to boost productivity.

The key to a successful project lies in careful planning and selection of the proper vendor. Tracer offers a range of unique and valuable qualities that will help your business prosper.


INControl - Your Control Center

Tracer’s Workflow solution ensures that every link along any jobs workflow process feels completely in control of that job and thus had the confidence to excel. When an employee knows what is going on and exactly how to go about their jobs it is only natural that overall performance will be elevated. Tracer believes the key to efficiency is control. Management needs easy access and control of all the jobs at any stage along the route to completion and staff should be capable of controlling the job while it is their responsibility.

INControl ensures that the workflow can be managed at all stages, providing full and comprehensive control over all processes. Management can easily access and analyse the duration of a job and which stages are the most productive or which are behind schedule. Determining at which stage a job is, who is responsible for the job and how many jobs are at this same stage of the workflow will become simple. You can be assured that all the necessary information follows the job from start to finish. Documents and orders can be easily attached to ensure each step of the workflow is well informed of the requirements for the specific job, as well as confident enough to complete it to those specifications without the risk of any miscommunication. Through INControl management receives a live dashboard system to see all jobs, statuses, delays and employees responsible in a simple and efficient manner. If a more detailed analysis is required, in-depth Business Intelligence reports can be developed to suite your business’s unique needs.


Take Control - Configurable Software Solutions

We believe that, instead of forcing the change of your business processes to fit a pre-built package, software solutions should be tailored and optimized for your ever-changing workflow and meet your specific requirements. We believe that bespoke and highly configurable software solutions will provide the efficiency required to meet your business goals.

We shall work closely with your business operations and IT team to build an all-encompassing customized software solution. This includes analyzing and prioritizing the unique business’s specific needs, as well as specialized Database and User Interface Design and development, and finally testing the completed product. We always take existing infrastructure into consideration and propose the best fitting bespoke solution avoiding unnecessary financial investments.


Software integration is more imperative to business productivity today than ever, as we have an increasing amount of apps, gadgets and devices that all need to come together to form a cohesive hum of efficiency. Tracer can easily integrate with your current systems, allowing them to work together smoothly. Complete system integration allows facility managers to work from a single work station without losing any utility. Problems can be solved and changes can be made with a few clicks on one device, rather than visiting multiple computer systems to repeat the same process. Tracer works to simplify your system and make it easy to manage. It is not just another app to complicate things.



We understand the Engineering Industry. There are specific processes for all the machines, whether they have to be built, repaired or have some parts replaced. INControl allows you to customize your workflow system to suite your specific process. The information of your workflow will no longer be parts lying about on the workshop floor, it will instead exist as data that can be easily analyzed with the live Dashboard technology. Finding out which jobs are on time or delayed will be at the tips of your fingers.


Tracer is the ultimate mobile solution for Technician Management. Job cards can be set up as part of the workflow system or separate from it. Job cards are tasks that are sent directly to the Technician in the field so that it may quickly replace all paper-based workflow systems. The job cards contain all the information the Technician needs as well as the documents the client is required to sign off on. This makes the flow of information much more efficient. Our experience in the industry has taught us that paperwork is particularly an issue when it comes to overall productivity. Mistakes are made and paperwork must be redone or, more often than not, the paperwork gets lost entirely. INControl offers a live Dashboard system that allows management to quickly access Business Intelligence on every Technician’s hours worked and tasks completed, as well as an overarching analysis of all Technicians in the field.


SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) Management is a technical field that is vital to the day-to-day operations of some businesses. The benefits of making this system paperless seem almost endless. Information is captured quickly, by the use of a tablet on hand, for example. More importantly the data is immediately available throughout the database for analysis and saved in comprehensive reports. This is much more efficient than writing and rewriting the information. The system will also constantly check that all the SHEQ management requirements are up to date and so can help avoid any accidents.


At Tracer we have 17 years of experience working with Sales management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The key to INControl’s success is how customizable it is to suite your business’s every need. Whether you would like to configure the system to match the needs of your clients, pipelines, phases or any other details of the workflow, INControl allows you to easily create your own bespoke system. The end goal is for you to be able to effectively manage the activities of your salespeople using detailed calendars and comprehensive Business Intelligence reports.

TomTom .Connect Partner

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Management Control

  • Live Dashboard
  • BI Reports

Setup Control

  • Custom Workflows
  • Electronic Forms

Operational Control

  • Scheduling
  • Live workflow


  • Cloud based
  • Phone Apps


Join top companies in solving the paper problem

Businesses receive distinct value when they successfully replace paper-based, manual workflow processes with a paperless workflow alternative.

By eliminating redundancies, businesses increase efficiencies and greatly reduce paper based costs. A mobile solution speed the workflow up, freeing up both field resources and back office staff to be more productive.


Lukas Visagie (Customer Service manager): "With Tracer Mobile Workflow, there are no more paper trails or miscommunication and customer expectations are exceeded. “We are highly satisfied with the speed and quality of the paperless workflow process."


Josua le Roux (General Manager): “Our commitment to customer service excellence, continuous improvement and innovation has always been a priority and a key strategic differentiator for us. Through our mobile strategy we will become even more proactive and responsive to our customers’ needs. We plan to roll the Tracer MW solution out to all our divisions this year. We are very excited to partner with Tracer MW on this mobile journey.”